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How to serve absinthe (on fire)

How to drink absinthe


Grab an absinthe spoon, a sugar cube, and well, a little absinthe! Here's how to serve the face-twisting spirit in authentic fashion, and safely light it on fire.

For a historically accurate, and much more enjoyable cocktail, do not light the sugar cube or absinthe on fire. 


  • absinthe, classic Pernod if you can find it, or try one of these
  • sugar cubes
  • cold water


  • an absinthe spoon, slotted silver/metal spoon, or mesh strainer
  • old fashioned or traditional absinthe glass


  1. Set a sugar cube on a slotted spoon (or Absinthe spoon) and place over glass.
  2. Pour an ounce or so of absinthe over the sugar cube into the glass.
  3. For a bitter, burnt libation, set the cube on fire with a lighter or match. Don't let the sugar burn more than a few moments, or you will end up with a blackened mess, and an ashen drink.
  4. Slowly trickle ice cold water over the sugar cube into the glass. You've poured enough water when absinthe is completely cloudy.
  5. Flip sugar cube into the absinthe (if you didn't melt it to ashes) and enjoy.