Thirsty Thursdays: Pick up a Pumpkick

The moment I swipe my calendar app to the month of October, I see nothing but pumpkins.  Gourds around the house, gracing the porch, and most importantly, in my mouth.    And while the usual seasonal beers have been perched on the shelves for a few weeks now, there’s one pumpkin beer worth seeking out.  The reason I give this brew out of Fort Collins, Colorado such high marks almost seems counterintuitive: It’s not a completely obnoxious pumpkin experience.


Pumpkick,  New Belgium Brewing’s version of a gourd-inspired ale, offers a subtle pumpkin flavor and a tangy touch that comes from cranberry juice.  Along with the usual suspects – cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and of course pumpkin juice – the cranberry is brilliant brewing know-how for balancing out the potential richness of the season’s most popular ingredient.  Unlike other overwhelmingly-spiced ales, drinking more than one is not out of the question. Neither is baking part of a bottle into a nice spicy loaf of pumpkin bread.  But you didn’t hear either from me.


Pumpkick finder from New Belgium Brewing Co.


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