Thinking outside the chicken box: Baked chicken livers with charred sweet corn

Happy Monday! (I know, yeah right).  While you dust off the weekend, I’m pleased to invite you to join me and the fun peeps over at Real Food Family, where I’m guest posting today about new yet simple ways to enjoy the old standbys of chicken and corn. And of course I’ve got plenty of reasons why eating livers (yes, livers) is not just about what you can do for cooking the whole chicken, but what eating the whole chicken can do for you…

Baked chicken livers

If you’re still not sold, there’s also a little recipe for a great dipping sauce that’s fast and easy, and a crowd-pleaser when paired with a variety of finger foods… Hope to see you there!


Psss…  If you’re not interested in eating baked (or fried or sautéed) chicken livers, chicken thighs cut to “nugget size” can stand in for the livers. But don’t knock it ’till you try it!


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