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Ode to St. Paddy: Bailey’s Irish Cream macarons

The Edible Times husband has been begging me all week for St. Patrick’s Day-themed macarons.    He presented this as a new and ingenious idea, and seems to have forgot I crafted such a treat for him last year for this raucous-inducing holiday.   However, I must apologize, because I did not share the particulars of turning […]

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DIY: French macarons, it’s worth it

Five years ago the craze was cupcakes. Now it’s French macarons.  And like those crazy cupcakes averaging $3 a pop, a single French macaron can cost you a pretty penny (or tens or hundreds).   Most recently, as I can’t resist taste testing the new macaron in town, I bought 10 to share with my people […]

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Strawberry & lemon macarons

When I wrote a few months ago about partaking in March macaron madness, I was not kidding.  In an effort to test and retest in order to convey sound technique, I baked hundreds of macarons.  And two flavors quickly became my favorites – and were also the fastest to disappear when I found enough bravery […]

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Orange creamsicle macarons

So I am writing everyday, yes, yes, we know this now (and my apologies).  Today, I’ve decided to go with the BlogHer writing theme of the month which is play. Like think back to the good old days of kids enjoying time on swing sets (not the computer), soda pop in a bottle, television we […]

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