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Ode to St. Paddy: Bailey’s Irish Cream macarons

The Edible Times husband has been begging me all week for St. Patrick’s Day-themed macarons.    He presented this as a new and ingenious idea, and seems to have forgot I crafted such a treat for him last year for this raucous-inducing holiday.   However, I must apologize, because I did not share the particulars of turning […]

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Chocolate shortbread cookies with cocoa nibs

My mouth is watering already, and I haven’t even started baking yet.  This is what the thought of chocolate and cocoa nibs and shortbread will do to you, especially if you’ve enjoyed all three in the form of a cookie.   It’s quite simple to get addicted.  As usual, I can help you with that. Craft […]

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Homemade ‘Milano’ cookies recipe

Oh, Pepperidge Farm, how you remind us of our grandfathers, our childhood and our serious lack of self control. No, I can never eat just one cookie.  So when I saw a recipe for a homemade version of Milano cookes in a book residing in my sister-in-law’s kitchen, I couldn’t resist. And at this stage […]

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Almond shortbread cookies

Are there ever times when you are out to eat and you just want cookies for dessert?  You don’t want chocolate to kill you or cheesecake to cost you another 1,000 calories – you just want a sweet little nibble.  I feel that way often, especially after too many French fries.  And I found out […]

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