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For the love of feta (and the best way to cut a bell pepper)

I can’t ever remember meeting a fellow eater who didn’t love feta cheese.   Briny, savory and with a substantial mouth-feel, feta is in a class by itself.  The basic sheep’s milk cheese is satisfying, and the perfect star for a fresh, Greek-inspired, nutrient-rich salad… You know, so there’s less guilt about the majority ingredient being […]

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Chinese Stir Fry: Crispy orange chicken

Next time you reach for that Chinese take out menu – that could mean consumption of monosodium glutamate (MSG) or questionable meat – come here instead.  Because eating healthy doesn’t require giving up those classic convenience meals  (for homemade pizza, check this out).  As for orange chicken stir fry, it’s surprisingly simple to make, and […]

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Oven-dried tomatoes

Have you ever bought a tomato?  Sorry, dumb question.  Have you ever really tasted a tomato?  Not such a dumb question because most of the time tomatoes are the sideshow.  A little garnish for the burger or the salad.  And this is probably what’s best for our taste buds, because mass-produced tomatoes, especially the ones […]

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WIAW: How to make pizza at home

America might run on Dunkin’, but it also runs on pizza. And in the spirit of healthful eating for What I Ate Wednesday, I’d like to present a pizza that isn’t loaded with saturated fat and a thick, starchy good-for-nothing white flour crust.  Pizza can have a crispy, thin whole grain crust with a little […]

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