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Quiche with whole wheat pie crust

So it’s What I Ate Wednesday! (essentially a food blog party).  And this means my guilt takes over and I craft a perfectly healthy (yet still tasty) recipe for anyone willing to breeze by here (thanks for coming by the way!).  Since summer is fleeting and I’m crying I thought it nice to enjoy the […]

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Apple & cucumber slaw with poppy seed dressing

Unfortunately, I can’t take complete credit for this one (other than the photos and clever writing).  I did not contrive this lovely, fresh, crispy summer salad, but I do love it.  And I love eating it the most when the weather map is all orange and red, and severe thunderstorm warnings occur with such frequency […]

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Tuna & white bean tartine

The French have a way of making everything sound fancy. Like tartine, at first read it sounds like some sort of tart with a perfect crust and glorious flavors.  When really, a tartine is nosh that America loves and knows very well. Bread and butter.  Oh yes, we don’t need the French to know about […]

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The story of forbidden rice

It’s not new information that here at Edible Times we love new and unusual ingredients (by we, I mean me and the dog).  And while rice in America in the form of Uncle Ben’s is not a new concept, forbidden, or black rice, is quite undiscovered.  It’s a shame too, because it brings so much […]

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