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In Season: A tale of two grilled asparagus

Farmers’ markets are cropping up nowadays even in the smallest of towns, as the public demand for better quality food continues to simmer.   And many food-obsessed (like yours truly) swear by the taste and nutrient content of certain homegrown fruits and vegetables.  With that notion, I decided a little one-on-one sparring was in order between […]

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For the love of feta (and the best way to cut a bell pepper)

I can’t ever remember meeting a fellow eater who didn’t love feta cheese.   Briny, savory and with a substantial mouth-feel, feta is in a class by itself.  The basic sheep’s milk cheese is satisfying, and the perfect star for a fresh, Greek-inspired, nutrient-rich salad… You know, so there’s less guilt about the majority ingredient being […]

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Sunday Dinner: Pork Roulade

Fancy dinners don’t need to be complicated, and they shouldn’t require kitchen slavery.   Take a pork roulade recipe – when roasted to a perfect doneness that’s golden brown and delicious it gives an air of extravagance.  But this Sunday dinner only takes 15 minutes tops to prepare.  And it’s so easy a husband can […]

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