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For the love of feta (and the best way to cut a bell pepper)

I can’t ever remember meeting a fellow eater who didn’t love feta cheese.   Briny, savory and with a substantial mouth-feel, feta is in a class by itself.  The basic sheep’s milk cheese is satisfying, and the perfect star for a fresh, Greek-inspired, nutrient-rich salad… You know, so there’s less guilt about the majority ingredient being […]

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Apple & cucumber slaw with poppy seed dressing

Unfortunately, I can’t take complete credit for this one (other than the photos and clever writing).  I did not contrive this lovely, fresh, crispy summer salad, but I do love it.  And I love eating it the most when the weather map is all orange and red, and severe thunderstorm warnings occur with such frequency […]

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Tuna & white bean tartine

The French have a way of making everything sound fancy. Like tartine, at first read it sounds like some sort of tart with a perfect crust and glorious flavors.  When really, a tartine is nosh that America loves and knows very well. Bread and butter.  Oh yes, we don’t need the French to know about […]

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Fresh salsa with sriracha

Two weeks ago, it was too hot to even think about turning on my oven.  This week, it’s too hot to even look in the direction of the stove.  It’s often times like these that lead to edible discoveries, even if they’re born out of necessity and desperation. (more…)

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Sweet potato gratin

I don’t buy into the whole superfood  idea.  There is no one magic food (or even a few) to eat for optimum health – it takes an army, as they say.  However, I found this book at our campus library, and couldn’t resist because the title was in BIG, BOLD, LETTERS. (more…)

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What I Ate Wednesday and a fabulous fruit dip

So the budding dietitian and fellow Florida State University alumnus over at Peas and Crayons started a series of publicly documenting everything she eats on Wednesdays.  It’s not about judgement, but more of a reality check.  It’s become a big blog party and I figured I’d attend at least once, to see if I have […]

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